The Maker Mindset and how to approach digital learning opportunities

The Maker Mindset: based on the hacker mentality, maker culture is enjoying a resurgence in North America in part thanks to the miniaturization of manufacturing. Makerbot and other 3d printers are allowing people to manufacture their own parts and tinker with technology in both virtual and real world terms.

If you bump into me at MoM I'll be talking about how you can tackle anything technological without fear. This energetic, powerful way of thinking can allow you to access technology of all kinds, from your car to your computer to you class's wiki-page! Get hands on with basic circuitry and shed your fear of tech.

Some of the key elements in building up your maker muscle:

  • Build a PLN: your online community will support you, nurture your thinking and empower you to try new ideas, it's a vital component of the Maker Mindset
  • Be Your Own IT department: dependence on others for your technology needs is a sure road to frustration and failure. Tim is a certified computer and network technician and he'll show you how to fix 90% of your problems with edtech in a few basic steps.
  • Don't be afraid of what you don't know! Experimentation, discovery and happy accidents are all a part of the maker mindset. Enjoy your failures, just make sure you know why you failed!
  • You'll be able to make basic circuits, play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and build a basic network at this station - your fear of tech will evaporate!

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