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Maps are NOT just for geography! Who hasn't used GPS? Google Maps? Google Earth? Google Streetview? I hope some teachers have used these with their students, in all grades and classes. Google is not the only map service. ArcGIS is an online service provided by esri which is "the" company for providing professional mapping services, and esri supports education. Services from esri have been part of OSAPAC licence for years. A recent addition to the license is a subscription service for ArcGIS Online. This session will be hosted by myself (Peter McAsh) and a Caroline Tiegs (esri education division). We will help you tinker with ArcGIS and discover the world!

You can experiment with ArcGIS without creating an account. You can create a FREE account (not the 30-day free trial). If you want to try the 30-day trial, go ahead. Details on how to create an account related to Ministry of Education OSAPAC subscription service will be provided at the session.

Bring your own laptop for the full experience. There is nothing you need to install / download before coming to our session. If you want to tinker with the tablet / phone version, download the appropriate app(s) for your mobile device(s) (save conference bandwidth) before you come.
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Last updated: Friday, July 19, 2013