N00bing it up in Minecraft - Making, Breaking and Learning with Video Games

You've heard about Minecraft. You've seen the strange-blocky graphics and heard the epic-length conversations your students have about Creepers, Redstone and Endermen. Now it's your turn to dive into this open-ended sandbox game and get your hands dirty: Minecraft-style.

Join self-confessed Minecraft nut and TDSB teacher, Liam O'Donnell on the GamingEdus Professional Play Minecraft server, a free and open multiplayer Minecraft world created for teachers.

Experience the thrill of digging yourself into a hole and getting stuck. Wonder at your ability to fall into hot lava and die - repeatedly. Minecraft is a game of endless possibilities for play, creation, fun and, of course, learning.

Playing Minecraft firsthand is a great way to see what all the fuss is about this game and find ways to fit into your classroom or library. Whether you teach Grades 1 or Grade 12, Minecraft is sure to engage your students.

What you will need to bring:

A laptop.

That's it. Bring your laptop and we'll get you set up with the Minecraft game and a temporary account for free.

We will also have laptops for people to use, but bring your own to guarantee your spot in the tinkering fun!

Tour the GamingEdus server

Play Minecraft with us before the conference. Visit us at: gamingedus.org or email us at gamingedus@gmail.com and we'll get you set up!

Resources to Get You Started with Minecraft:

Getting Started in Minecraft: From Zero to Punching Wood - Everything you need to know to start playing Minecraft for yourself.

Play is the Thing for Gaming Curious Teachers - Why teachers need to play video games before they teach with video games

Messy learning with Minecraft - How first day Minecraft disasters led to powerful learning with Grade 4 - 6 students

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