This page is for Minds On Media Centre Facilitators

This page is for the centre facilitators - not really for participants. But, we are leaving it available to you, so that you can see the 'big picture', if you are interested. Enjoy!



Please add your name to the table below if you can bring a projector (with associated cables). If you can bring more than one, please add your name to multiple rows.
Projectors Needed
Name of Person
Caroline (from esri) will bring a projector - Peter M
Liam will bring a projector for his centre and the laptops he needs
Royan will bring:
- iPads for his session
- Headphones for his session
- MacBooks for his session
- Projector for his session
- Speakers for his session
Tim will bring a projector, a couple of laptops, an android tablet and an ipad
He's also bringing some Arduino microcontrollers and a Raspberry Pi!
Mary-Kay: Andrew Cloutier is going to bring me his to use at MoM

Colin Jagoe
Brenda - (from Chad)

Brenda will bring hers as extra


If you need portable speakers please bring some (with associated cables). If you need them and don't have them, please add your name here.

Speakers Needed by:
Person who can bring for you:
Peter M
Peter S
Jac (just a little jambox)

Tips for Centres (from previous events)

  • it's not like a regular workshop - some may come and go - some may stay - may return a few times to you
  • connect with their questions
  • welcome activity, challenge cards, ask them what they'd like to learn
  • you may use your wiki page as a way to direct people for an overview or a few activities
  • people vote with their feet - nothing personal if they leave they just need something else at that time
  • model how we've learned this stuff - promoting self-directed learning and empowering teachers to learn beyond the day
  • share some classroom connections and exemplars
  • having some slides cycling if you don't need the projector might help catch people up if they come mid stream
  • Note: Remember, 'direct instruction' is not the enemy. Some people infer that when they hear that the 'learner should be in control'. In fact, "direct instruction is often desired, necessary and awesome if embedded within a constructivist, learner-driven environment." A learner may request that you 'teach' them something directly. This, by definition, demonstrates the locus of control being in the hands of the learner. Direct instruction as eyes glaze over - sucks. LOL


Be sure to subscribe to the wiki to get notifications of updates. You can subscribe to individual pages or the whole wiki. We suggest the latter.

Infrastructure:Internet: Wireless throughout space

Power: Power grid (or equivalent access to power) will be laid to support the needs of the attendees and their laptops- 12 outlets per centre (facilitator laptop + Projector + 10 participants) - comings and goings

Screens will be provided!

Projectors: we will muster up our own projectors rather than renting them (see request above!)
Speakers: Facilitators to BRING own small speakers if req'd. Gets noisy with industrial strength speakers.

MOM 2013 Layout.jpg

Before the conference, each facilitator completes a wiki page full of information, activities and resources for participants. We have typically gone live with the wiki a few weeks before the conference. This year, we would like to go live MUCH earlier in order to educate those who may wish to sign up for the day. (July 6th.)

This wiki will not go live to the public until you have had an opportunity to complete your page.
Here is an example of a previous Minds On Media wiki.

How do you determine a relevant title?
Our theme this year is tinkering. Please read the landing page. We want you to bring as much as possible in terms of manipulatives and off-computer stuff! So, for example, coins for Coin Toss to collect data for Tinker Plots. Or science probes for collecting data to enter into device. We will let you begin to generate ideas! You could put those on your page. Be sure to check out everyone's
Generate your title out of this frame of thinking (tinkering)!